A Lifetime of Criminal Defense Experience in Your Corner

David Leroy has 50 years of criminal case experience. He has handled nearly 20,000 prosecutions and defenses, including 20 homicides.

Misdemeanor, DUI, and Felony cases:

Police StopCompetent counsel is always needed to assure that you obtain justice when you become involved with the criminal justice system. In this digital age, charges and convictions can affect your life, employment, licensing, travel, and even educational opportunities for years to come. With 50 years of criminal case experience, Dave Leroy has handled nearly 20,000 prosecutions and defenses, including 20 homicides.

Jury and court trials can frequently be avoided by skillful and creative diversions, plea negotiations or preliminary motions. Mr. Leroy tries and argues several cases a year, when appropriate, with acquittals, dismissals or other desired results frequently obtained. A criminally accused client must be totally candid and share a responsive and trusting relationship with their lawyer. Dave Leroy is a respected advocate who wins for his clients. He regularly handles all types of criminal cases, including DUIs, throughout Southwestern Idaho.

Professional License Defense:

Often related to criminal cases, local and state agencies attempt to accuse and penalize individuals or corporations by threatening to cancel public licenses and occupational certificates, imposing fines and penalties, and restricting operations. Medical and legal professionals face loss of privileges for substance abuse challenges. Bars, taverns, and restaurants receive allegations from the state liquor law authorities. Insurance and securities license holders face client complaints or advertising allegations. Barbers, psychologists, teachers, nurses, dentists, sanitation engineers, and food carts alike can need such defense. Dave Leroy regularly works with the responsible deputy attorney general, investigators, boards and commissions to negotiate, mitigate, or litigate these types of allegations, preserving licenses in the process.

Probation and Parole Hearings:

Winning the release of incarcerated persons before the Idaho Commission of Pardons and Paroles requires both effective written and oral presentations. Likewise, modifying the terms of a probation previously imposed by a judge, can be accomplished upon appropriate facts, well advocated. Dave Leroy, for new and referral clients, accomplished such results in a dozen hearings last year.