Civil & Administrative Law with David H. Leroy

Business Representation

Having represented major corporations and small businesses alike, Dave Leroy assists frequently in preventing, diagnosing, or solving commercial problems. Effective business contracts, proper protection agreements, and statutory and regulatory compliance are musts in the modern business climate. A cost sensitive partnership with a good legal advisor adds clout and security to your entrepreneurial mission. Representative clients include companies, manufacturers, franchise owners, retail shops, doctors, dentists, lawyers, other professionals, and even internationally known lecturers and authors.

Government and Administrative Law

As a former Attorney General, Lt. Governor, and U.S. Nuclear Negotiator, Dave Leroy knows how to solve problems and win political, policy and regulatory results in government circles. Licenses, permits, approvals, franchises and tax disputes require effective advocacy or defense at all levels: city, county, state and federal. Often litigation in state or federal court is required to move government. On such cases, Mr. Leroy has appeared three times before the U.S. Supreme Court, often before U.S. Congress committees and the Idaho Legislature and hundreds of times at city councils, county commissions, planning and zoning boards, medical and professional licensing groups and other such entities. Dave has been a registered lobbyist in Idaho.

Dave Leroy prepares to argue before the Idaho Supreme Court in the Governor’s veto historic horse racing case.